About Us


Who We Are

E.A.V.Rengachary & Sons has established itself as one of the largest Arvind Mills distributors in Tamil Nadu. We are dedicated to deliver best quality and customer service. Our reputation over years has supported us to win the best Arvind Mills Distributor award consistently over years. Our legacy was built over years beginning with manufacturing of Madurai Sungadi. Our operations, started in Madurai, is now expanding across Tamil Nadu in towns and cities such as Sivagangai, Theni, Ramanathapuram, Thirunelveli, Salem, Tanjavur, Coimbatore etc. We are also proud to be a vendor for bigger retail houses right from Pothys to various small establishments in villages in the nook and corners of Tamilnadu

What We Do

E.A.V.Rengachary & Sons delivers additional values to the customers. Apart from supplying quality products, we create values for our customer by providing wide range of color options, by delivering the goods on time, and by continuously updating the technologies to keep our customers informed about the operations and new arrivals. Blouse materials, dress materials, white shirting, and uniforms contribute to our major supplies. We maintain huge stocks to serve our customers quickly as and when required.

The best of Market, Never Compromising Quality.


Why Choose Us

We create values to sustain the same over years. We commit to the quality of service provided to all of our customers. We are always inviting with clearly defined values.

  • Wide range of colors
  • On time delivery
  • Huge stock
  • Rich customer experience
  • Stay connected always