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Textiles are a crucial part of everyday life. Fabrics are such a versatile medium and every fabric serves its own purpose. Some fabrics ensure comfort and fit whereas some fabrics are to make you a showstopper.

EAVR, the best wholesale blouse supplier is here to meet your every textile need, for anyone, anywhere. From Flowy Lightweight fabrics to embroidered Aari blouses, we have an option for everyone’s choice and need. Take a look at our fabrics and find the one for you and see why EAVR is a smart choice for whatever mission or moment it may be.

Tip Top Blouse Piece

Tip-Top is one of the most unique premium fabrics of The Arvind mills. Tip-top fabric is one of the best and most widely used polyvoile blouse materials for saree. The fabric is scented with lime perfume, which makes you feel fresh and clean. Since this product is made of polyvoile, the Tip-top material is durable and doesn’t fade. We provide more than 1000 different colors of high-quality tiptop fabrics at affordable prices. Buy from EAVR Arvind Mills’s unstitched Tip top blouse material for your saree.

Chakori Blouse Pieces

Chakori is one of the best-selling premium fabrics of The Arvind mills. These fabrics are very comfortable to use as daily wear and sweat absorbent.  The slight comfort stretch in chakori helps fit the body perfectly. Chakori is offered in a wide range of colors and can be given in different meter cuts ranging from 8 to 14 meters. Purchase Arvind Mills’s Chakori Cotton material for wholesale at the best price from the EAVR.

Kohinoor Blouse Materials

Kohinoor Blouse Material is made of Full voile fabric. Full voile fabric is the best choice for spring and summer. Kohinoor is a Lightweight, flowy, and versatile material. This fabric has a touch of elegance that makes your saree stand out. Buy a wide range of Arvind Mills’s Kohinoor full voile blouse pieces at the best price from EAVR, the best wholesale kohinoor supplier. 

Innaya Blouse Materials

Innaya Blouse Pieces are a perfect match for your saree. Innaya is one of the best breathable, comfortable, and versatile fabrics which is made out of cotton. You can find cotton fabrics being used in the majority of daily wear sarees already.  We provide more than 500 different varieties of high-quality cotton fabrics yet affordable. Innaya can be given in different meter cuts ranging from 36” to 44”. Buy Arvind Mills’s premium Innaya Blouse Pieces for your saree and make your outfit perfect. 

Glam n Glory Blouse Materials

Glam n Glory fabric is famous for its shrinkage control and easygoing flow. The viscose fibers give it a pleasant touch and make it breathable. Glam n Glory has a wonderful fall, which makes it ideal for transforming into a breezy frill top. The yarns used to weave this fabric are cotton and viscose. The Flowy nature of this fabric helps make beautiful pants and gives them a nice frill and flow. Buy Arvind Mills’s Glam n Glory fabric for wholesale at the best price from EAVR. 

Jacquard Blouse Pieces

Jacquard Blouses are famous for their elegance and authenticity. This fabric is Heavyweight in nature which makes them highly durable. The patterns that are woven straight into the fabric make them more appealing. These patterns come in a range of Traditional flowers, colorful and latest geometric designs. EAVR also provides Poly, Copper, Gold, and Silver Zari Jacquard which adds a sprinkle of luxury. Buy a wide range of jacquard blouse pieces at the best price from EAVR, the best wholesale fabric supplier. 

Readymade Blouse Materials

There will be times when you are not just able to find a good tailor for yourself. That’s where comes the readymade blouse for the save. There are varieties of readymade blouse that fits every sarees perfectly. Buy wholesale readymade blouses from a range of choices available in EAVR.

Printed Cotton Material

While the cotton fabric is both comfortable and versatile, the printed cotton fabrics add more fashion touch to the fabric. The pigments won’t fade in the sun and these pigments don’t wash away from the fabric.  We provide more than 500 different varieties of design prints with high-quality cotton fabrics yet affordable. Buy Arvind Mills’s printed cotton fabric wholesale for your saree and make your outfit perfect. 

Lining Material

The primary purpose of the lining fabric is to make garments more wearable, comfortable, and long-lasting. The cotton lining is the most famous lining material. The lining fabrics range from economical to high range and are available in 36” to 44” at your choice. These fabrics are made from natural and synthetic fibers ranging from opaque to sheer. These fabrics are mostly in solid colors. Purchase Arvind Mills’s lining fabrics for wholesale at EAVR.

Embroidered Blouse Pieces

A traditional needlecraft technique called embroidery has been utilized all across the world to embellish textiles for decorative purposes. Embroidery can bring color, texture, richness, and dimensions. We offer a beautiful variety of this gorgeous embroidery fabric even in velvet variants. Buy Embroidered Blouse material for wholesale from the best wholesale fabric supplier, EAVR.

Kanchi Silk/Kovil Pattu

Every woman needs kanchi silk fabric in her wardrobe. Wear one of our many kanchi silk blouses made of glazed cotton fabric which has a beautiful sheer and opaque. This shine in the fabric helps you stand out. This fabric is famous for its multipurpose. This material can be used to stitch blouses, Chudidar tops, Bottoms or can even be used as a saree.  EAVR offers the widest selection and highest quality Kanchi silk textiles, which are ideal for creating a wide range of garments and embroidered designs. Buy our well-known wholesale kanchi Silk from a wide range of selections. 

Digital Prints

These fabrics have beautiful designs which are digitally printed and these prints make the fabric unique to wear. These fabrics are versatile and the design prints will make you a showstopper.  We offer beautiful designs of this gorgeous digital print fabric at the best prices. This fabric can be given in different meter cuts ranging from 36” to 44”. Buy digital print material for wholesale from the best wholesale fabric supplier, EAVR. 


We work with a variety of uniform materials for businesses, institutions, and schools. We sell a variety of uniform brands. EAVR is one of the Prominent Wholesalers and Suppliers of the finest quality Uniforms. we are dealers of many uniform brands like Mafatlal, Valji, etc. Purchase EAVR’s Uniform fabrics for wholesale at the best price.


EAVR is one of the best wholesale suppliers for Ladies Petticoat. From Regular Cotton Petticoats to Fancy Petticoats, Knitted inskirts, and embroidered Petticoats, we provide every range of petticoats in a variety of colors. We also provide shapewear which is highly chosen by modern ladies. Our Petticoats are Sweat-absorbent, skin-friendly and make sarees easy to wear. Buy EAVR’s Inskirts and shapewear for wholesale for your saree. 

If you are looking for a fabric supplier for your business, no matter whether you are a distributor, dealer, designer, or retailer, we can offer you the finest fabrics of your choice at the most competitive price. With our experience in this field for decades, we understand that small businesses have low Minimum Quantity Orders (MOQ). Hence we have minimized our MOQ requirements as a support for our customers.

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