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Who we are

One of the biggest distributors of Arvind Mills in Tamil Nadu is E.A.V. Rengachary & Sons. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and support in the fabric industry. We take pride in being one of the main suppliers of Arvind Mills’s Chakori and Tip top fabrics. Our commitment and dedication throughout the years have helped us to continually earn the Largest Arvind Mills Distributor award over the years. Since our operations began in Madurai, we have spread to small towns and big cities throughout Tamil Nadu, which includes Sivagangai, Theni, Ramanathapuram, Thirunelveli, Salem, Tanjavur, and Coimbatore. Additionally, we take great pride in the fact that we supply fabrics to larger retail chains, such as Pothys. We deliver textiles to numerous small businesses in villages around Tamilnadu.

How We Work

Customers receive added value from E.A.V.Rengachary & Sons. Along with offering high-quality materials, we also add value for our consumers by offering a variety of color options, meeting delivery deadlines, and regularly updating our technology to keep them updated on business activities and new arrivals. Our primary supplies include blouse materials, white shirts, dress materials, readymade blouses, and uniforms. Our enormous stock helps us to effectively supply our customers as per their needs

Why Choose EAVR as your wholesale fabric supplier?

● Quality Fabrics
● Huge range of Fabrics and Colors
● Large Stock Availability
● On-time Delivery
● Exceptional Customer Service
● Usage of new technologies
● Clear & Transparent Account growth

If you are looking for a fabric supplier for your business, no matter whether you are a distributor, dealer, designer, or retailer, as a best fabric supplier can offer you the finest textiles of your choice at the most competitive price. With our experience in this field for decades, we understand that small businesses have low Minimum Quantity Orders (MOQ). Hence we have minimized our MOQ requirements as a support for our customers.

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